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The Future is Here

The Futurist Report series highlights the technologies, insights, start-ups, and partnerships shaping our future.​

Futurist Reports

VSP’s Global Innovation Center and CB Insights have partnered to create a Futurist Report series, digging into the most impactful market and technology shifts, while highlighting key insights that are reshaping entire industries across the world.

The VSP Vision Innovation Center continues the Futurist Report series with its third report exploring the Future of Omnichannel Presence.

What is Omnichannel Presence?
Omnichannel Presence provides a consistent and seamless consumer experience whether the user is online using a digital platform or in real-life at a brick-and-mortar store. This report highlights the technology and solutions enabling businesses across multiple industries–including healthcare and retail–to be available, accessible, and responsive to their customers in a variety of channels.

Transformative trends highlighted in the reportResponsive consumer engagement: As consumers spend more time engaged on digital platforms, brands are using artificial intelligence (AI) to reach consumers with more precise and dynamic messages.

Anticipatory and fluid customer care: In-store tech tools offer consumers interactive sources of information and education, and live video is enhancing customer service after a purchase helping companies build personal connections with their consumers.

Simplifying the purchase process: Tools that enhance purchase process transparency (53% of healthcare consumers avoid seeking care because they weren’t sure what the cost would be), flexibility, and speed can help build trust with consumers and make services more accessible.

Right place, right time fulfillment: Demand forecasting tools are integrating data from increased sources to streamline inventory management. Meanwhile, the adoption of tech to automate fulfillment and make it more transparent is elevating expectations surrounding delivery, visibility, and speed.

Previous Reports

In this second installment, we are taking an inside look at the cutting-edge technologies and startups shaping the Future of Personal Performance.

We examined several dimensions of personal performance: physical, cognitive, occupational, emotional, and social. The resulting five transformative trends showcase how personal performance is evolving and that vision is a common thread throughout.

Consumers turn the dial on their quantified selves: Consumer expectations are changing about their quantified self data. They’re gravitating toward solutions that not only collect data, but also interpret it for them, providing actionable insights about their strengths, weaknesses, and plans for improvement.

The eye becomes a tool for more than 20/20 vision: The eye's intimate connection with the human body—and especially the brain—means the human eye is capable of a lot more than just vision. It acts as an early warning system, it serves as an extension of the brain, and its connections with the brain and the body can be "strength trained."

Bio-boosting nutrition gets personal: Consumers are tailoring their nutrition to meet their individual needs in real time. Whether the goal is to boost cognition, immunity, hydration, or mood, consumers can incorporate distinct bio-boosting substances, like vitamin supplements, into their diet as they need them.

Full-sensory immersion enables performance: Immersive technology is fundamentally transforming the personal performance landscape by enhancing, distorting, or removing external stimuli (e.g., light, sound, temperature, pressure, etc.) to produce specific effects.

Bionic technology powers superhuman capabilities: From artificial retinas to cochlear implants to robotic extremities, bionic technology devices interface with the body to restore natural, biophysiological capabilities (for those with impaired or lost functionality) or to enhance performance beyond one’s biophysiological limits.


This first Futurist Report installment explores the Future of Experience in Health and Wellness by showcasing the ways innovators are shifting the paradigm of experience to better fit consumer needs.​