Get Help

Get Help

VSP Network Doctors: Call us at 800.615.1883 to learn about the resources available to you.

VSP Members: If you've lost or broken your eyewear or need eye care, call 800.877.7195.

Non-VSP Members: If you've lost or broken your eyewear, contact a local Red Cross chapter to request a VSP Eyes of Hope Disaster Relief gift certificate.

Give Help

Give Help

VSP has contributed more than $12.5 million in direct and in-kind support to the American Red Cross, and our employees have donated thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to support disaster relief efforts and other initiatives. Consider joining us by making a donation.

Rebuilding Together


Sacramento-area resident Patricia shares what it was like to receive care and compassion from the American Red Cross, VSP Eyes of Hope, and a local eye doctor after a fire destroyed her family’s home.

When the Camp Fire devastated Paradise, California, many were unsure if the town could ever recover. Yet, less than a year later in August 2019, VSP Eyes of Hope joined the school district, local doctors, and residents for an unforgettable back-to-school experience.

Dr. Héctor Santiago, who volunteered to provide no-cost eye care for the children, families, and staff at San Jorge Children’s Hospital, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, shares his experience of Hurricane Maria and his hope for the future.

Dr. Jay Pravda and Dr. Brittney Probst, who worked onboard the mobile eye care clinics, and VSP Global employee Jacqueline share how they were affected by Hurricane Harvey and how helping their Houston, Texas, community in a time of need has given them hope.