Charitable Organizations, Optometric Associations, and Schools of Optometry

VSP Vision Eyes of Hope® offers multiple programs for charitable partners, optometric associations, and schools of optometry to support increased access to vision care for adults and children in need.

Gift Certificates

Mobile Eye Care Clinics

Eyewear Donations

Portable Exam Equipment Loans

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Gift Certificates

VSP Eyes of Hope gift certificates are distributed in the U.S. through our national network of community partners. We partner with qualified non-profit organizations to ensure that adults and children in need have access to eye care and new prescription glasses at no cost through a local VSP network doctor.

Available Programs

VSP Eyes of Hope Gift Certificates

Certificates provide individuals of any age with no-cost eye care and prescription glasses. For individuals with routine eye exam coverage but no coverage for glasses and lenses, they can also be used for materials only. Recipients must have a family income up to 200% of Federal Poverty Level guidelines and no coverage through a private insurer or government program for the eye care services or prescription eyewear to be covered by the certificate.

Note: In 2022, we consolidated coverage so that partners no longer need to stock multiple types of certificates, such as VSP Sight for Students or Materials-only.

VSP Eyes of Hope Disaster Relief

Certificates distributed by the American Red Cross and other approved disaster relief partners provide community members affected by disaster with no-cost eye care and replacement glasses. Recipients must have lost or damaged their eyewear in a disaster and must not be eligible through existing vision insurance for replacement.

See Get Help for additional Disaster Relief help available.

Our Partners

How to Order Gift Certificates for Distribution

If you’re a member, chapter, or affiliate of one of our current partners, select your organization's name to request VSP Eyes of Hope gift certificates for your community. If you're not yet a partner, review the following guidelines and complete the Become A Partner form.

Review the Guidelines

Important Note

If you previously ordered VSP Sight for Students® or VSP Eyes of Hope Materials-only gift certificates, please request VSP Eyes of Hope gift certificates. We've made the program easier to administer, and you no longer need to order and stock mutliple types.

Mobile Eye Care Clinics

VSP Eyes of Hope mobile clinics travel the U.S. in partnership with local charitable organizations and VSP network doctors to provide no-cost eye exams and glasses for communities in need.

Each clinic features an eye exam room and portable exam equipment to provide comprehensive eye exams, an eyewear dispensary stocked with popular frame brands from Marchon and Altair, and an optical finishing lab with lenses donated by VSP Optics. Prescription glasses can be made on-board for patients to receive the same day, or they may be ordered from a VSPOne® optical lab and delivered to the charitable partner within a few weeks. View the specifications below for more information.

Request a Mobile Clinic

View Specifications

Download COVID-19 guidelines for outreach events.

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Eyewear Donations

VSP Eyes of Hope donates new eyewear, provided through Marchon and Altair Eyewear, to help people in need across the globe. Eye doctors and non-profit organizations can request new optical frames and suns for outreach efforts where an eye doctor will be prescribing the glasses and care is being provided at no cost to the recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications to receive an eyewear donation?
To qualify for an eyewear donation, you or your partnering organization must provide access to eye care through an optometrist or ophthalmologist, provide the eyewear to people in need at no cost to them, and be willing to receive the donation shipment within the U.S.

What type of eyewear is available for donation?
Donations include new optical frames and sunglasses provided by VSP Vision companies.

How many frames or glasses can I request?
Please request the number of new frames you anticipate being able to distribute to people in need during the next 12 months. If we’re unable to accommodate the number requested, we’ll advise you of the quantity available.

Portable Exam Equipment Loans

Portable exam equipment is available for no-cost loan to eye doctors, optometric associations, and schools of optometry for their charity outreach or mission trips. Each lane includes all of the equipment needed for eye doctors to provide comprehensive eye exams to patients.

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