Five Top Startups Streamlining the Patient Experience, According to the VSP Global Innovation Center


On November 10, the VSP Global Innovation Center (GIC) hosted its sixth Innovation Showcase, a three-hour virtual event featuring several presentations from startup founders and subject matter experts. 

The Showcase, Patient Experience: Convenience, explored the startups and technologies saving patients time and effort, and the trends accelerating the streamlining and simplification of the patient experience. Watch the following recap video for five emerging companies to watch that are driving convenience:

The showcase immersed VSP leadership in the products and services of five leading-edge startups powering innovation in the convenience of the patient experience:

  • emTRUTH uses AI and the blockchain to integrate health data from various sources, thus increasing interoperability. CEO Irene Woerner shared how the blockchain can help simplify and accelerate a handful of components of the patient's journey, such as intake or provider selection, making the overall experience more convenient.
  • Raydiant deploys on-shelf digital displays to provide patients with customized, relevant knowledge in the store when they want it. Trevor Sumner, Head of AI and Innovation, explained how brick-and-mortars and practices are benefiting from this technology and tailoring personalized, convenient experiences for their shoppers and patients.
  • Soul Machines creates “Digital People” that talk, listen, think, act, express, and empathize more like humans. Director James Grower explained how to create more personal, less stale AI that engages customers through compelling and empathetic interactions, empowering businesses, and healthcare providers to scale meaningful, convenient customer service.
  • Rilla Voice records in-the-field sales conversations, automating the process of training sales and service people by helping managers coach remotely. CEO Sebastian Jimenez explained how this improves in-store associate’s ability to deliver a great patient experience.
  • Rhinogram is a platform that's powering compliant patient-provider communications, allowing interactions to occur via text, video, social, and more. While Rhinogram has a suite of services, they focused on two ways their platform can make the patient experience more convenient: booking and changing an appointment via text, and real-time updates and support when and where users want it.

Through these five startups, Patient Experience: Convenience spotlighted not only the trends shaping the future of the patient experience, but also the underlying technologies powering it.

  • Blockchain, which empowers patients to own their data and streamlines engagement
  • Omnichannel communications software, which personalizes the pre- and post-visit experience 
  • Metaverse-adjacent technology, which powers immersive interaction and is evolving product selection

“Meeting directly with the innovators that are driving the evolution of the patient experience can help us transform our work and broaden our thinking,” Zachary Poll, Ecosystem Principal at the VSP Global Innovation Center, said.  

Innovations Showcases are designed to bring outside shifts into VSP Vision’s line of sight, provide a foundation for approaching emerging growth areas, and support VSP leaders with fresh perspectives. Click here for more information on Innovation Showcases.

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